I want to resume writing. It has been a while. I was too busy to write about anything.

I always pursued perfectionism. Now I realize that this perfectionism is holding me back from taking any steps.

Sometimes, you make much more progress by just doing things.

How can you come up with a perfect result, on your first try? Just accept that your first 100 works are going to be shitty. Then, what is the best way to improve it? That would be getting those 100 shits out as quickly as possible.

I want to write, to think out loud. I have been stuck in my mind for so long.

I was afraid of being shown. judged. ridiculed.

The deeper I hide, the more I got feared about showing myself.

The worry that someone may think I'm childish, or that I don't live up to my age or the number of years of experience in my professional career.

But, who actually does that? Most people aren't even that interested in someone.

Even if they do, why am I so conscious of their eyes?

Live your life. It is your life. The more you hide, the more you lose.

Capture the moment. Enjoy the moment.

Life is more than what worries you right in front of you.

Don't try to do well too hard.

It will be okay.

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