The 2016 spring semester ended on Friday of the last week, and I am at the end of summer intermission. Frankly a week of break is too short I feel. It could have been awesome to have one more week of break(and I promise I don't ask for more.) But still, it has been a wonderful break anyway. Oversleeping, drinking with friends, jogging and weight-lifting, and writing on blog, cycling, ... I have done a lot of activities, met many friends, rested enough to get up and run again. Well, I want more of this time, but summer semester is not too bad; I have some spare time.

I need some time to take a look back the past project. There are going to be countless jewels and golds to be discovered that are buried in the time and memory of the year. How to work with friends, how to brainstorm together, how to decide when ideas diverge, how to deliver ideas, how to deliver opinions, ... I will learn if contemplation is followed. I should make time for it. I should.

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