I'm at Soul Food Cafe now. Nothing is too busy here, and that's why I like this place. People pause whatever they were doing, and hear the sound from a singer at the live stage in the main corner. I, also, can't refuse the temptation sometimes. Today, there seems to be nothing happening, but the silence is good in its own way.

  Anyway, I started writing this to figure out what I should do at this place. Yesterday, I finished a physics homework and a half of a statistics homework. Another half of statistics homework I should ask to professor on Monday class. There are two projects to finish by the end of this semester; one is for parallel programming class and the other is statistics class. Both are actually interesting projects to work on to me. For parallel programming project, I have to read a thesis that tries to solve a difficult parallel programming problem and implement it. For statistics, I also need to find a subject related to statistics and implement it into a program. I will probably work on how to utilize random walk in enhancing human-like AI. I don't know the exact technical background of random walk and Markov chain, so I'm excited to learn about them. But should I start one of them today? Today is the last day of spring break. That makes me sad. I was procrastinating a lot, slept a lot. I didn't play fully even a day, and didn't work in a fully dedicated mind even a day. I want to spend a day for me today. Not for the assignments, not for projects, but for myself. I want to look back myself. I want to ask myself "how are you doing?", today.

  Oh, we had a play in stage today?

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