It's been a long time since I haven't written any diaries on the web. In the end, I come back like this, and search for the best place to put my new words on. I have tried many different mediums for personal records from a physical notebook to Tumblr to Twitter. But none of them haven't exactly fitted to my taste so far. A physical notebook was good because I was able to write any time any where, but scribbling was too slow and made it difficult to index, compared to computer. Also, it didn't satisfy the "desire to express oneself", because all the content were saved for only myself. Tumblr had been a great replacement for notebooks by resolving those issues, but the absence of categories and the emphasis on anonymity made it inconvenient. Anonymity is a good thing, as far as you manage it well. But for me, it was a harm. I wasn't truly myself when I was typing.

  So, I started this blog. This blog will be filled with my records - my thoughts and feelings. This blog is essentially for myself, but not strictly limited to myself. I hope some people find some values from my writing.

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